Our Team 

The Levins Group is an Limited Liability Company based in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Our team consists of realtors, contractors, analysts and everything construction. Our team is dedicated and experienced in all of the field necessary for a successful real estate investment.

Our Mission

The Levins Group is dedicated to creating a simple, highly efficient process for each and every one of our projects. Our goal is to be fully transparent with our investors and create results that are held at the highest of standards of excellence.

Our Guarantee 

The Levins Group guarantees the quality of our work and stands behind our process. We work with investors to make sure they are comfortable with their return on investment and offer guaranteed percentages on certain projects.

The Process 

With over 15 years of experience and many completed projects, we have a streamlined and proven process you can trust.

Property Search

We will take the time to find distressed properties that have potential for high return on investments. We compare the expected costs of the project and the comps in the area.

Purchase Property

Our real estate team works on finding properties with the highest potential of return. We pursue a variety of avenues from foreclosures to auctions to direct purchasing.

Finalize Budget

After using data to make a decision on a property, we take the time to finalize a budget. Using years of experience, our group of experts write a detailed budget for the property.

Blueprint and Design

The process continues with the full blueprint and design of the property. We work diligently to create a functioning layout that works while securing all the building permits needed.

Demolition and Construction

Once the plan is in place, demolition (if needed) and construction begin. Our goal is to build a quality house quickly and efficiently using new and top of the line materials.

Sale of House

Our team of realtors will review the property and begin marketing the house. Potential buyers love new construction. We have had properties sell within hours of becoming available.

Our Portfolio 

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Potential Investors

Expert Team

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Guaranteed Return

Feel at ease with our guarantee return on investment offered to our investors.

Full Transparency

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